Brendan Lowry: Creator of Peopledelphia and Social Media Influencer

Brendan Lowry (@brelow) is the founder of Rory Creative and one of the biggest social media influencers in Philadelphia. He is best-known for the Instagram account he runs, Peopledelphia, which has over 85 thousand followers.
He is also a part of the founding team of Curalate, one of Philly ’s fastest growing startups. In this episode, we’ll chat about his beginnings at Curalate, which originally was an “AirBnb for parking and storage” called Storably. But after that idea failed, Brendan and the Curalate team found a much more successful business in social media marketing services.
We’ll also talk about how Peopledelphia began, and how, as it grew, Brendan had to find ways to ensure it actually represented all Philadelphians.
We also discuss his departure from Curalate, what he’s doing now with Rory, and what life is like as one of the internet’s sought-after “influencers.”
Note about #TrashcanTakeover:
If you live, work, or play around the Rittenhouse area, you may have noticed this week that the ugly car dealership advertisements on the city trash cans have been replaced by hand-selected paintings, photographs, and other art by local Philly artists. This initiative is called Trash Can Takeover, and was created and curated by Brendan Lowry.
We don’t talk about Trash Can Takeover in this episode, but check out @trashcantakeover on Instagram to learn more about the initiative, see which cans have been converted, and to discover the great Philly artists who have been featured.
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